Reigniting Your Creative Spark

December 16th 2011

In his book So You’re a Creative Genius…Now What?, author Carl King aptly suggests, "to be able to explore, first you have to be lost." As professionals, when we encounter that “lost” feeling, or the feeling of having lost something, we need to find our way back to the path of creativity. We can’t locate the path without a torch – and we can’t light the torch without a spark.

An epic win unlocks keys. When we’re at work and we find our energy and motivation levels low, what we are experiencing is evolution in full effect. A de-energized state may actually be our neurological system indicating that we’re squandering energy on the wrong goals. Ironically, this listlessness kicks into gear to compel us to focus our efforts on actions that will yield productive progress, which in turn encourages us to feel re-energized and motivated. Culturally, we’ve been programmed to seek the ultimate goal of leisure and repose. Neuro-biologically, however, the natural preference of humans is challenge over boredom and productivity over dissipation. Take a hard look at your day-to-day work. Consider where you feel bored, stymied, unappreciated, and frustrated with seemingly pointless tasks. If you’re feeling this way, there’s good news: you can infuse new life into your work life by gamifying it.

Creative is as creative does, except when your creative spark fizzles out. Looming deadlines, over-fussy clients, dull projects, or feelings of fatigue that may signal the beginnings of burnout—any of these everyday afflictions can tamp down your creative fire, making it tough to come up with creative ideas just when you need them most. But fear not! Denise Jacobs shares sure-fire strategies to reignite your creative spark.

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Reigniting Your Creative Spark

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