Web Design & Development

Web Design

We produce fine & premium websites in the business. Since 1998 we have gathered and combined wide range of experience in designing and developing various useful and beautiful websites for companies across a range of industries. These extensive experience let us utilize web technology & know how innovatively in various sectors.

Web Design Bali have a very good understanding of current and emerging web technologies. We provide an all encompassing service to give you online channels which complements your other offline communication channels.


All Duranos made websites are built for accessibility, ensuring compliance with W3C’s (World Wide Web Consortium) guidelines and best practices. Duranos web design protocol ensures all its sites are at very least level A with the majority being level AA and many AAA. In practice this means an increased number of audience, improved search status, minimized loading time, ease of maintenance, and increased brand values.


In designing website we set usability as a top priority. Website navigational structure management of information are carefully planned before web design process, let alone the process to actually building the website. Visitors’ path within constructed website is purposely designed & set, as well as visitors’ website experience are made just intuitive & straightforward, including, ensuring a lengthy and enjoyable stay. This is how websites we designed achieve our clients’ objectives.

Web Development

We do custom programming base on your needs and requirements. You can describe your project’s needs and all its requirements for us to provide the solution.

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