Top Essential iPad Tips & Tricks

December 29th 2010

Top Essential iPad Tips & Tricks

If you haven’t already updated your iPad operating system to latest iOS 4.2, go ahead and sync it in iTunes by checking for updates. The new version finally shipped at the end of November, and it’s well worth the upgrade for multitasking feature and app folders alone.

  • In cases when the iPad system freezes, a reset would be necessary. Just press the top power button and front home bottom button at the same time for a few seconds. Your iPad will be forced to restart.
  • There you are, in the back row of a class, just trying to concentrate to what the tutor in front of the class says, like everyone else, when, oops, you forgot to mute those YouTube clips on your iPad! No worries. There’s a quick way to cut the speaker. Holding down the volume down button for about two seconds will mute your iPad. When you have iOS 4.2, the switch button above the volume button now function as mute button. Not good news actually, as we need that physical button to lock the orientation, something very useful to use when you bring your iPad to sleep..! (more on this – orientation-lock written below)
  • Watch nearly any video format on your iPad. VLC for the iPad is available for free at iTunes Apps Store. No more video format restrictions and you can add any videos into iPad using this VLC app for iPad. Finally.
  • Save Images while Browsing the Web. Want to save an image that you find somewhere? Just tap and hold on an image on any web page, and you’ll be prompted to save the image
  • How to take a screenshot live on your iPad? Do you need to take a screenshot of your iPad? Just push the Power and Home buttons together for a quick second, a screen shot will be generated and will be stored in your picture library.
  • If your downloaded apps getting too many that you squeeze every inch of your home screens and things start to go un-manageable, what would you do? Just create folders and start organize your scattered apps inside category folder. here’s how, touch and hold on to any app icons to start the launcher configuration, so you can see all icons swaying & look unstable. Select one application that you want in the new folder and move it on top of another application you also want in the same folder. It takes a little practice to rearrange applications icons instead of making new folders. A black box should now surround the second application. Let go off the first application, the screen will gray out and a new screen will pop up with the two applications in a new window. This is the folder dialog box. The iPad will select default a name for the folder based on the type of applications in the folder. You can rename it by changing the name in the dialog box.

    Press on the home button and you will leave the swaying icons state. Now there should be a new folder located where your second application used to be. The folder icon will now show small icons of up to nine of the applications inside the folder. The small icons are miniaturization of your applications to help you recognized the applications in the folder. If you have more than nine applications, it will only show the first nine icons. If you tap on it, the folder dialog box will open and you can select any application. You can also rearrange the application icons inside the folder dialog much like you would on the regular screen.

  • Do you know how many apps are there actually opened in the background? You don’t know, but they are there, the apps that left unclosed when you press the “Home” button seeking for other apps to open. Here’s a perhaps less-known tips, if you press that “home” button twice rapidly, like you would when double clicking your mouse, you’ll now see a ribbon sliding up listing of opened apps in a row, slide-able from left to right.

    If you press and hold for a while any of those apps’ icon, they will start to swaying a kind of shaky with a red minus button popping their left top corner. That minus button is your close down button to shut that opened app, press once to close app you no longer need opened.

  • iPad is excellent for reading electronic books (ebooks). Often time people do a lot of reading on their iPad, especially before bed, where they might be just as likely to be reclining as sitting upright or lying on their side. I’ve come to rely on the screen orientation lock to prevent my screen from going to the ridiculously unusable landscape mode in iBooks. Just double-tap the Home button located at the bottom to bring up the multitasking bar, then swipe the bar to the left until at the left end you see the circular arrow + lock icon. Tap that icon to lock the screen orientation.